Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 6 Review: Swordsman Accompanying a Demon

Our baby Tanjiro has completed his examination and is setting out into the big wide world. His first assignment is to investigate the disappearance of young girls in a certain village. But, as we’re quickly learning with this series, nothing is ever easy for our hero. The demon he faces this week has a nefarious twist which could spell some real trouble for him!


This week’s episode opens with Tanjiro trying on his new uniform and Urokodaki presenting him with a new travel case for Nezuko. With their brand new gear, Tanjiro and Nezuko travel to the village where girls have been disappearing each night. There, Tanjiro meets a boy aimlessly walking the streets after the kidnapping of his girlfriend. No one seems to believe his tale, until Tanjiro comes along. Tanjiro quickly gets to work, and his super sense of smell comes in handy to track down the Demon Slayer Merch. However, tracking the demon is easy; defeating it is another matter altogether.

Episode Highlights

The Daily Grind: Argh, the demon’s teeth grinding did a great job of grating on my nerves. I’m equal parts impressed at the sound editing and annoyed.

Time for a Hug?: This week’s kidnapping of the poor girl was straight out a horror movie. The black pool following her around her own home. The tension finally culminating with arms coming out from the pool of darkness and wrapping around her as she slept. Very well done!

Nezuko Kick: Nezuko is definitely the star of the show. I’ll never get tired of her jumping into the action with her powerful kicks. I also love seeing the siblings fighting side by side.

Themes & Trivia

Scar: Viewers will no doubt notice that Tanjiro’s forehead scar changed dramatically this episode. It used to be a pink blob, but now it’s maroon and has almost a flame pattern to it. While he did get injured in the same spot during the final selection, I do find it odd his scar changed so significantly.