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Big Easy Bar & Grill
The Els Club
No. 4 Jalan Danau
Desaru Coast, Malaysia 81930
60 7 878 0000

Big Easy Bar & Grill is the anchor of The Els Club on Desaru Coast. The Els influence can be seen throughout with the many personal touches that have been introduced. The Lounge area is stocked with wines from Ernie Els Wines portfolio and showcases a feature wall filled with golfing memorabilia, replica trophies and action images from Ernie’s 70-plus professional tournament victories; while in the Private Lounge diners have the opportunity to enjoy a more sophisticatd dining experience.

Whether after your round at the stunning new golf courses, or just enjoying a day out with friends and family this is soon to become the gastro destination in Johor Bahru’s Desaru Coast.

The venue is perfect for corporate getaways, product launches and business meetings with ample space for small and large private parties alike where groups can find the perfect mix of business and relaxation.

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Casual and easygoing – it is a place to take the family, the loved ones or friends and business associate for an informal and fun experience.


An ingenious word that is truly missing from the English language: sociable with friends, amicable, affably companionable, friendly, convivial, cordial.


BIG EASY is not a fine dining or "destination" restaurant, but a place for every day enjoyment – equally as much for a casual business dinner, a romantic dinner with the loved one or the entire family ...


BIG EASY has none of the formality or pricing that is often associated with fancy restaurants; it is fun and surprisingly affordable.


A melting pot of cultures, food and flavors. Fabulous steaks from the grill, bold flavors with fun menu choices


A warm restaurant featuring wood, brick, leather and other traditional elements can easily be perceived as old fashioned. But BIG EASY is very much today, timeless and full of vibe.


BIG EASY restaurants are bold, designed with a distinct residential feel, substantial furniture, warm and rich. The same spirit is reflected in the presentation and flavor of the food and many of our wines.


The open kitchen tells the story. We don’t hide anything. We use the best seafood and meats, grilled to perfection and give the menu a gastronomic twist with influences from both Ernie’s home in South Africa and his culinary favorites from his travels around the world. We don’t believe in theming our menu – we see the world as a global village and thus we love housemade pasta as much as a well-made curry. Our succulent steaks live side by side the Big Easy Signature Burger selection. Some of our dishes proudly feature Ernie’s South African Heritage - Bobotie Spring Rolls (sweet ground beef curry with chutney) or Boerewors (lean farmer sausage), others celebrate Malaysia’s incredible culinary heritage

The menu is all about sophisticated comfort – everyday dishes prepared with farm-fresh ingredients of the highest quality combined with spices, herbs and ingredients from the melting pot of the world

The Plates

South Africa is not only known for its amazing cuts of beef but game plays a huge part in the South African culinary world and culture.
Along with the influences of Malaysia and south India, the Chef has prepared some of the most popular dishes South Africa has to offer.

Starter Plates

Charcuterie and Cheese Plank - selection of biltongs, cured beef, duck and homemade chicken terrine, ciligene cheese, fig chutney
Botok Udang - coconut rice cooked in banana leave, stuffed with sambal spiced shrimps
Foie Gras and Scotch Mousse - flambéed mousse, sweet pickled pear, crispy bread
Baked Brie Cheese - pecan sunflower seed crisps, baguette
Seared Scallops - duck prosciutto wrapped scallops, in butter and herbs, saffron aioli, salmon roe, herb crust, toast
Keropok Lekor - homemade seafood sausage, sweet chili sauce


Sup Ekor - clear Malaysian spiced oxtail broth
Tomato Shorba - coriander flavoured tomato soup


Baked Tomato Mozzarella - truffle honey dressing, hazelnut crust, pesto salsa
“Big Easy“ House Salad - lettuce, biltong, fried egg, sun dried tomato, olives, avocado, blue cheese fondue


Fresh Oysters - freshly shucked, lemon, red wine shallots, Tabasco | 1 dozen | half dozen
Home Cured Salmon Loin - biltong spice flavoured salmon, apple horseradish
Bobotie Samosas - beef bobotie, banana chutney, coconut shavings
Chicken Liver Peri-Peri - chicken liver cooked in spiced paprika, tomato sauce
Spiced White-Pot - pear & lamb chorizo - bread and butter soufflé
Boerwores - thick tomato onion stew “chakalaka sauce"

Pasta & Grains

Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto - seafood linguini
Seafood and Linguine - garlic broth with asparagus, cherry tomato, wild rocket
Braised Wagyu Cheeks - saffron barley risotto, caramelized radicchio

Favorites From
Big Easy Durban

Snoek and Crab Cakes - pan seared fish and crab cakes, corn, spiced mango cilantro sauce, lemon
Braised Black Mussels - fennel, “Big Easy” Chenin Blanc, smoked leeks, garlic, topped with fresh herbs

From The Sea

Sang Har Kwey Teow - grilled prawns, crispy fried wanton noodles, egg gravy
Pan Seared Sea Bass Fillet - garlic tossed Kenya beans, wine ripe cherry tomato, butter sauce
Crisp Norwegian Salmon Steak - Gruyère crusted salmon fillet, olive baby potato, sautéed baby spinach, asparagus sauce
Braai Sea Bass - whole and oak wood slow roasted, fennel and dill flavored, smoked rose paprika, lemon and orange

From The Land

Malay Chicken Curry - steamed rice, salad, poppadum, yoghurt
Spiced Herb Crusted Chicken Breast - beans stew, parsnip fennel puree, roasted broccoli, creamy pepper sauce
Peri-Peri Roasted Chicken - goat cheese and butternut bake, poached asparagus, our famous peri-peri sauce
Angry Duck Curry - duck breast simmered in Thai spiced curry with apple, pineapple, steamed rice
Big Easy Laksam - freshly grilled sardine, clear seafood stock, market vegetables, rolled rice cake
Spicy Lamb Shank Bunny Chow - cinnamon and spice flavored lamb stew in baked portuguese bread
Masak Lemak - prawns and chicken slow cooked in rich coconut broth, fresh bamboo shoots, char grilled pineapple

From The Butcher Block

Grilled Tenderloin - Choice of US Prime or Wagyu - plum tomato onion salad, porcini jus
Grilled Rib Eye - Choice of US Prime or Wagyu - roasted vegetable casserole
Grilled Tomahawk - bone-in rib eye steak, herb tossed mushrooms, truffle jus
Grilled Wagyu Striploin - blackened spice crusted, baked sweet potato
Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb - truffle crust, creamy madeira sauce, asparagus, cherry tomatoes
New Zealand Red Deer Filet - roasted roots casserole, baby potato, mushroom ragout, rosemary cranberry jus

Spice Rubs

Dubai - black pepper, paprika, allspice, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, sumac, coriander
Durban - coriander seeds, black pepper, paprika, salt, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, jaggery, fennel, ginger, cumin
Maimi - salt, pepper, red chili, oregano, cumin, orange zest, citrus zest, brown sugar
Malaysia - coriander, cumin, fennel, brown sugar, salt, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, chili flakes, jaggery
Joe Six Packsalt, pepper

Big Easy Sides

The "Mother" of Baked Potato - duck confit, crisp turkey bacon, Taleggio cheese
Big Easy Fries - potato wedges cooked in duck fat, marjoram, salt flakes
Grilled Spiced Artichoke Hearts - with saffron, lemon, ginger, honey
Butter Baked Sweet Potato
Mushrooms - sautéed in cream and seasoned with fresh herbs
Greek Side Salad
Niçoise Style Vegetables - slow roast baby potato, green beans, roasted shallots, olives


Cheese Plank - farm fresh cheese, homemade marmalade, Chef’s accompaniments
Warm Chocolate Fondant - vanilla almond gelato, berry compote
Lemon Meringue Tart - citrus granita, vanilla ice cream, orange jelly
Malva Pudding - apricot and cinnamon jam pudding, brandy brûlée, chocolate crunchy
Warm Apple Pie - caramel cinnamon fudge, vanilla ice cream
Mont Blanc - baked dessert with berries, oats, nuts, crumbled pancake, mascarpone vanilla cream

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Boy, did I learn a lot dining at The Big Easy Bar and Grill. First up, that Ernie Els’ the South African golfing legend behind the club nickname is ‘The Big Easy’, hence the restaurant’s name. Yes, golf fans might be rolling their eyes at me right now, but I didn’t know ...

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